Mariah Carey Reportedly Hired Security To Keep Nick Cannon Away From Other Women

I think it finally might be happening, you guys — I think Mariah Carey might finally be throwing Nick Cannon in the garbage. In the cycle of celebrity divorce, there’s usually some kind of epic public meltdown or PR disaster — which Cannon helpfully provided last spring surrounding the release of his album White People Party Music — followed by a dizzying number of divorce rumors, then a period of months-long quiet until the inevitable announcement.

And if this report from New York Post is accurate, we should be hearing that announcement any day now:

Our sources tell us Carey and Cannon, the host of “America’s Got Talent,” are separating after six years of marriage. “He hasn’t been staying at their home,” one music insider tells Page Six. “He’s been living out of hotels. They’re fighting a lot.”

Another source told us Carey has suspected Cannon of cheating. And when the comic hosted pool parties in Las Vegas earlier this year, the diva dispatched a security guard to keep watch over her husband.

“The security guard wasn’t there to keep the girls away from him,” said our source. “It was to keep him away from the girls.”

I would think Nick Cannon would be more than enough to keep Nick Cannon away from girls, but that’s just me. Also telling is that Mariah Carey hasn’t mentioned her husband on social media at all in months, which is suspect for a couple normally so prone to oversharing.

It’s so over. Burnsy and I both had August in our unofficial UPROXX Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey divorce pool — we’ve got 10 days left! Let’s do this!