Marjorie Taylor Greene Posted An Anti-Trans Statement Outside Her Office To Troll A Representative With A Trans Child, And People Are Horrified

Before Wednesday, it had been a few weeks since we’d heard from Marjorie Taylor Greene, the new, QAnon-obsessed congresswoman who kicked off her tenure by alienating everyone who wasn’t a die-hard Trumpist. But back into the spotlight she roared. First she forcibly adjourned a vote on the AOC-co-shepherded Equal Rights Act, partly by going on an anti-trans tirade. Then she got owned by AOC herself. A couple hours later it was made public that one of Greene’s close associates admitted to being part of the failed MAGA coup of January 6.

But that wasn’t all: She stepped up a fight with a fellow representative — and office neighbor — in the most bigoted way possible. That colleague is Illinois representative Marie Newman. She has a trans daughter. And when Greene called the pro-LGBTQ+ bill “an attack on God’s creation,” Newman decided to put up a pro-trans flag in her office, which is across the way from hers.

Greene then decided to return in kind — or with the addition of some prejudice. She posted a video of her putting up a sign outsider her office, bearing the words, “There are two genders: Male & Female,” followed by “Trust the science!” in scare quotes.

That Greene would proudly troll a colleague who has a trans child is probably not surprising: Before she was elected she’d written violent things about certain congresspeople. That didn’t mean people weren’t still disgusted with her behavior:

Some questioned her understanding of science.

Some pointed out that she may have too much time on her hands — probably because she was kicked off various committees for her past behavior.

It also seemed like a real HR issue.

One person fixed the sign for her.

Maybe she was trying to cover up her close connection to the storming of the building in which she works.

Although some pointed that she’d probably be in a very different spot in her life had she not been elected to Congress.

And some had enjoyed that respite from hearing from or about her.

(Via The Hill)