Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Big Mad About That Report Linking Her To The Jan. 6 Rally That Led To The Capitol Siege

On Sunday, Rolling Stone published an explosive Rolling Stone report that linked several Republican congresspeople to the events that led to the Capitol attack of Jan. 6. Among them, to the surprise of no one, was Marjorie Taylor Greene. Many of the names named — usual suspects such as Lauren Boebert, Madison Cawthorn, Mo Brooks, etc. — kept quiet the day after the piece dropped. Not Greene.

As per Raw Story, the Georgia representative tried to torch the report in an interview with The Daily Caller, though she didn’t actually deny what had been said. She simply demonstrated that she doesn’t know how journalism, especially journalism involving sensitive and ongoing investigations, works. For one, she’d apparently never heard of anonymous sources, nor read the article itself, which went to great lengths to explain why their sources were protected.

“They’re talking about their sources and sources and quoting sources, but not giving names, so that just reminds me of the whole Russian collusion lie, and the type of language that Adam Schiff uses when he’s talking about sources,” Greene told the publication. “The whole thing is their same playbook. Make up a story, publish it, then all the other outlets rinse and repeat.”

The report, mind you, did not link Greene with the actual Capitol storming itself. It simply said she and a number of other congresspeople had taken part in “dozens” of meetings planning rallies in the lead-up to the big one on Jan. 6. Some of them, including former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, allegedly knew that the event could turn violent but ignored the warnings.

The sources also said they had plenty more dirt where that came from, but most of it they were saving for the committee and public hearings.

Greene wasn’t even the politician who came off the worst. That would be Paul Gosar, who the piece claimed had promised organizers that they’d receive blanket pardons for any wrongdoing they committed in the lead-up to what proved the Capitol riot. But it’s also clear that she’s taking a cue from the Donald Trump playbook: When accused, simply deny and blame the media. It works with their supporters every time.

In the wake of the report, fellow representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for any colleague who was involved in the lead-up to the attack, Greene included, to be expelled. In the meantime, surely there isn’t video of Greene in 2020 talking to cameras about the “great planning session” she had about rallies leading up to that fateful day.

(Via Raw Story)