Marjorie Taylor Greene Brought A Scooby Doo Meme To The House Floor, And It Completely Backfired On Her

Just in case it wasn’t clear that wackadoo Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has a severe case of terminally online brain, the Georgia representative had a Scooby Doo meme printed out and turned into a cardboard display, which she then hauled onto the floor of the House on Wednesday evening. Naturally, the meme was used to attack the Green New Deal that has been championed by progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who is basically Greene’s mortal enemy. However, bringing a meme to the House floor is a new and sad low, even for Greene.

Via HuffPost:

“This is a simple meme that you would find on the internet but this meme is very real,” said Greene, pointing to a poster held up by an aide showing character Fred Jones unmasking a baddie who turns out to be the emblem of the Chinese Communist Party.

“The Green New Deal, surprise, serves China and China only,” added Greene, who’s become something of a celebrity on the right for her peddling of racist and anti-science conspiracy theories and her unswerving devotion to ex-President Donald Trump.

This latest stunt by Greene is getting dragged on social media where even members of her own party like, Representative Adam Kinzinger, can’t believe what they’re seeing. “Congress is no longer serious with people like this,” Kinzinger tweeted.

You can see more of the reactions to Greene invoking Scoob and the gang below:

(Via Acyn on Twitter)