Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Interview With Steve Bannon Involved A Bizarre Call To Shut The Government Down

While stopping by Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast (perpetual guest Mike Lindell must’ve been busy), Marjorie Taylor Greene advocated for a full government shutdown to stop the Democrats $3.5 billion reconciliation bill that’s fast approaching. Notably, this is not the current position of Republican leadership in the House, but Greene has never been one to shy away from bucking her own party. Mostly because she has very little idea how anything works as evidenced by her nonsensical rant on Bannon’s War Room podcast.

“I’ll tell you what I have to say, Steve: Shut it down! Shut the government down — who cares?” Greene said before boldly claiming that the American people don’t need the government to fix the nation’s infrastructure. They’ll build their own roads — at home? Via Raw Story:

She then said that Americans shouldn’t trust the government to rebuild the nation’s roads and bridges and implied that this could somehow be done instead by private citizens.

“Guess what — the American people can get it done at home without the government!” she said. “I say, put up a fight, shut it down! We shouldn’t be spending this!”

The rant was yet another of Greene’s bright ideas like her recent gun raffle for unvaccinated Americans. That’s right, if you don’t get a life-saving shot to stop the spread of a deadly disease, you can enter into a drawing for a free assault rifle courtesy of Marjorie Taylor Greene. And you’re going to need it in her bold, new future where everyday Americans whip up new roads in their kitchens, or something.

(Via Raw Story)