Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Convinced That The New York Times And Twitter Are In Cahoots To Ban Her — Everyone Else Is Convinced She’s Lost It

In her Twitter bio, Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) describes herself as a “Christian, Wife, Mom, Small Business Owner, Proud American 100% Pro-Life Pro-Gun Pro-Trump.” She might want to add “conspiracy theorist” to her list of accomplishments (?) after alleging that the New York Times is in cahoots with Twitter to her account suspended.

“I have talked to multiple women who say they miscarried healthy pregnancies after taking the #COVID19 vaccine. Not only miscarriages, but also reporting blood clots and heavy & irregular periods after taking the Experimental Use Covid vaccine. Stop vaccine mandates!” Taylor Greene (who refuses to say whether she’s been vaccinated, but most people believe she is) tweeted on Wednesday. The tweet caught the attention of Times technology reporter Davey Alba, who reached out to the congresswoman.

“Twitter is likely to take enforcement action on Ms. Greene’s account for coronavirus information. It would be her fourth strike, meaning she would have one strike to go before potentially being permanently suspended from the platform. Would Ms. Greene want to respond to this in a statement?” Alba wrote in the email. Taylor Greene was most recently suspended in late July for “violations of the Twitter Rules,” but because she continues to spread dangerous and easily debunked misinformation about COVID, Alba reached out for a statement about a possible permanent suspension. It’s standard procedure — to everyone except MJT, who went full-blown tinfoil hat.

She tweeted, “How would the @nytimes know that my @Twitter account is about to be suspended? My account is NOT suspended. What kind of relationship does the NYT and Twitter have? Do they coordinate suspending people like me and news stories? Is someone paying for that? Why?? Is someone paying for that? Why?” There is no grand conspiracy between the Times and Twitter to ban Taylor Greene — she’s purposefully ignoring the social media platform’s rules, and therefore, will “likely” face the repercussions. I, a dummy, could have told you that. So did many others on Twitter.

(Via Raw Story)