Mark Meadows Reveals The Moment In Trump’s Final Days In Office That Left Him Feeling More ‘Despondent’ Than Ever

Donald Trump hates looking weak, which is odd because he humiliates himself in front of the whole world more than anyone in history. When he caught COVID shortly before he lost re-election, he did his best to hide how close it came to taking his life. He’s even furious with his former chief of staff Mark Meadows, because he revealed that he tested positive earlier than he claimed. Speaking of Meadows, his new book has another story he probably doesn’t want the public to know.

As per Insider, Meadows’ The Chief’s Chief has some more insider dirt about the former president’s final days in office. It was over a month since voters overwhelmingly voted for Joe Biden. Ever since, he’d been making increasingly batty and desperate (and embarrassing) claims about massive voter fraud. He’d been laughed out of scores of courts, many of them by Republican judges appointed under his watch. But he held out hope that the Supreme Court, newly ultra-rightwing thanks to the addition of Amy Coney Barrett, would save the day for him.

They, of course, didn’t. And their rejection left Trump deep in his feelings.

“To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever seen President Trump quite as despondent as he was when I walked into the Oval Office in late December,” Meadows wrote in his book. “My head hanging low, I informed him that the Supreme Court would not be hearing out challenges to the election results.”

Of course, the real problem was that Trump never had a chance. His army of yes-people had misled him into thinking he could overturn an election, and the actually strong thing would have been to accept defeat. But then, maybe he’s not as strong as he says he is.

(Via Insider)