You Can Still Call Marlo Stanfield’s Burner Cell Phone Four Years Later Because ‘The Wire’ Is The Best

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Our good friend Endswell at The High Definite was recently doing some research on The Wire, because it’s your loss if you’re on the internet and not researching The Wire. Here’s some insight into his discovery that some of you may already be aware of but I wasn’t and it’s Friday so back off.

“While looking for a clip from The Wire to reference in the Burner app post (because you pretty much have to), I stumbled onto this video of an individual calling Marlo Stanfield’s phone number as he states it in a meeting with his lawyer, Maurice Levy.”

The video has been on YouTube since December and pretty masterfully lays out how how the whole thing works: Call the Baltimore number Marlo gives Maurice Levy in the first scene (410.915.0909) and you get a recording of the “My name is my name!” jail cell scene between Marlo and his crew. It’s all pretty great and still works years today, four plus years later.

I like to think of it as just another creative way to give the finger to all those weak ass shows that use “555” and get nominated fore Emmys.

YouTube via The High Definite

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