Martha Stewart Posted A Recipe For Kid-Friendly Fish Stew, But Parents Are ‘Doubtful’ Their Little Ones Would Ever Eat it

Martha Stewart‘s social media engagement reached its peak with her vile-looking food photos (or maybe her thirst trap), but she came close to matching the lunacy of “iceberg wedge with homemade Russian dressing” with her latest recipe.

Over on Instagram, Snoop Dogg’s co-partner shared her recipe for fish stew, and unlike… whatever this is, it looks pretty good. But it’s Stewart’s description of the meal that has led to confused replies from her followers. “Kids are sure to spoon this stew up,” she wrote, because if there’s one thing children love, it’s fish stew. Stewart continued:

“It’s packed with chunks of potatoes, flaky salmon, and ears of fresh corn cut into rounds. A light broth is made with heavy cream and clam juice, and fresh basil is added at the end for extra flavor. For easier, less messy eating, we recommend slicing the kernels off the cob and adding them back into the soup for your little ones.”

The top reply to her post: “Have you met children?”

And another: “I’m quite doubtful kids will be stoked to eat this.”

And one more: “Martha’s been smoking too much doobie- what child would ever eat this fish soup with corn.”

OK, now one more: “My kid wouldn’t go within 40 feet of that and he eats dirt.”

Give that dirt-eating kid his own cooking show. Also, I must respectfully disagree with putting corn cobs in soup. That’s a recipe for disaster, literally.