Martha Stewart Agrees That Her Sultry Pool Selfie Was ‘Definitely A Thirst Trap’

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on Martha Stewart. What’s she up to?

Oh my.

All the Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party host wanted to do was talk about her mostly chlorine-free East Hampton pool (“I made it extra deep for diving and with no protruding steps so we could really race the length without worrying about obstacles. After all these years, It is a fun place to swim!!!”). Instead, she learned about thirst traps, a term she was blissfully unfamiliar with until ET‘s Nischelle Turner informed her on the definition. In that case, Stewart said, “that’s definitely a thirst trap”:

This one came about because Stewart “thought I looked great coming out of the pool. My camera came on backwards, selfie mode, and I looked so nice. The sun was on my face. I thought, ‘Oh, that looks pretty,’ so I took the picture. It looked good.”

The internet agrees: since posting the pool selfie, Stewart has been proposed to 14 times, “I don’t know what for, but they’re proposals,” she told E! Online. “I haven’t checked lately, that was the first day.” The photo was also replicated by comedian Chelsea Handler, who wrote, “I’m here to take @marthastewart48’s swimming lesson. If I look this good at 78 I better still have a pool to show myself off in.”

The key to looking youthful at 78: drunk hoverboarding, obviously.

(Via BuzzFeed)