Martha Stewart Tried A Hoverboard While Champagne Drunk Because She’s Still Cooler Than You

Martha Stewart is currently chilling with friends over in Doha Qatar, as one does when you’re a multi-million dollar mogul, where the 74-year-old tried her hand at hoverboarding for the first time ever. And not just that, but “before dinner but after champagne,” as she writes on Twitter, because someone got her cocktail hour on first, if you know what we mean. Unfortunately no one thought to take video, so the only evidence we have is this static image she posted on Instagram.

Think about that. I’m in my 30s and too scared to try a hoverboard, because I’m almost positive it would end up more Mike Tyson and less Martha Stewart.

Stewart commented on her experience to Page Six:

I love gyroscopic modes of transportation. I am very good on a Segway, and I found out I could also maneuver on a hoverboard. What fun! And I have not yet fallen off.

So modest, this lady. She didn’t even mention the part about throwing back some Dom Pérignon first. For her next trick, maybe Stewart will try hang-gliding after smoking a “a big fat one” with Snoop Dogg. This has been your reminder that Martha Stewart is still much cooler than you.

(Via Page Six)