Pete Davidson Admits He Is ‘Very Hittable’ In A New Super Bowl Ad For Hellman’s Mayo

New York’s own Pete Davidson has been doing a lot lately for someone who is just seemingly Just Some Guy. But starring in an Super Bowl ad for Hellmann’s mayonnaise is actually pretty on-brand for him.

Former NFL linebacker Jerod Mayo is also in the ad for Hellmann’s mayo (ha!) as he goes around tackling various people in an effort to control food waste. This is actually a very good message! But, as with all Super Bowl ads, it has to end with a joke, in the form of the SNL comedian being tackled by the football player while he is eating chips and dip. Mayo (the person) then apologizes, to which Davidson jokes, “I get it. I’m very hittable.” Oh, and his mom is right next to him.

This is possible a reference to Kanye West’s latest track, where the rapper says he could “beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” The line has led Davidson to reportedly tighten up his security team, but this seemingly confirms that Davidson is, in fact, a hittable person. Davidson has been allegedly seeing West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian for a little over a month.

Davidson is clearly one to make light of his personal life, after being attached to a slew of famous females who, let’s be honest, are a bit out of his league–it’s okay, because he admitted it too. Check out the Super Bowl ad above.