Marvel Wants A Female-Led Superhero Film, Katee Sackhoff Possibly Considered

Battlestar Galactica‘s Katee Sackhoff can be more recently seen in Riddick (pictured above), which opened at number one this weekend. She’s been doing the podcast and talk show tour to promote the movie. About 34 minutes into the Schmoes Know podcast, she’s asked if Disney or Marvel have contacted her about anything. She answered with her usual candidness.

“Um… There’s been some stuff going on. Um… there’s been a lot of checking of availability… I don’t quite know exactly… I don’t know… there’s been a lot of questions about the first quarter of next year and then the…”

It reads quite clearly there but if you listen to the actual audio, they talk all over her and, at the end, cut her off. She had more to add but the hosts prevented it coming out. [Bleeding Cool]


Anyway, The Avengers: Age of Ultron is in production during the first quarter of next year. A lot of other sites are reporting this as though she’s a lock for the role of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). We’re not going to assume anything’s set, but there is a logical reason to speculate.

Director/producer Louis D’Esposito recently spoke to Coming Soon about future Marvel movies. He said, “There’s obviously a drumbeat that is banging louder and louder that we want a female lead superhero. […] We have strong female characters in our films from Black Widow to Pepper Potts to Peggy Carter and you never know. Maybe there’s an offshoot film with one of them. Or Captain Marvel, you know?”

Katee Sackhoff would be an awesome Captain Marvel, but please allow me to change the subject for a second. Are we really still having the argument that a movie with a female lead is automatically doomed to fail? Just going to ignore all the movies that have turned a profit and all the male-led movies which didn’t? Ugh. Ugh forever. This is how Green Lantern happens, Hollywood.

Sidenote: We may start using “This is how Green Lantern happens, Hollywood” in place of “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

(Banner picture courtesy of Universal Pictures.)