Tim Gunn Presents A Marvel-Themed Fashion Challenge On This Week’s ‘Under The Gunn’

Tim Gunn will use any excuse to promote that comic where he put on Iron Man’s suit, to detract from that time he called Black Canary a hooker.

In tonight’s episode of Project Runway: Under the Gunn, the remaining contestants head to Meltdown Comics to meet with Marvel Animation head Cort Lane, who introduces them to various currently popular Marvel characters. Hawkeye and Captain Marvel top the list in this promo video, and then it’s not a shock that Gamora and Falcon are also namechecked, as this is all to promote upcoming Marvel movies, of course. (If you don’t watch Project Runway and its spinoffs, you should note they’ve become increasingly whorey over the years. Take that, Tim Gunn. Fishnets are for the cool kids.)

Under the Gunn is a new Project Runway spinoff, hopefully more entertaining than Project Accessory, which was a hot mess. In this series, three Project Runway vets are saddled with a bunch of newbies in order to create a mini-fashion-empire. (Also, to win cash prizes.) I haven’t been watching because my DVR hates me. But I spy PR Vet Mondo in this preview, so at least I know he’s made it through most of the season and hasn’t been chased off by some contestant who has gone crazy over jorts. (Yeah, so that happened once.)

The designers have been tasked with creating a look “inspired” by a Marvel character, but have been warned not to make a costume. I predict Anya’s team gives us some sort of wrap dress in some hideous print because that’s what she’s all about. But it’ll have blue and red, because Captain Marvel was an alcoholic once and that speaks to her.

Not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but this week’s guest judge will be Jaimie Alexander. It’s the last episode before the finale, so I guess this is a terrible time to start watching it. However, it airs on Lifetime at 8pm EST.