Matt LeBlanc Has Some Pretty Good Stories About Badgers And Raccoons

Matt LeBlanc was on Conan on Monday night promoting… I don’t know. It doesn’t even matter. Because while he was there, he told a couple of amazing stories about his ranch in Santa Barbara that he basically retired to other than when he’s filming Episodes. Apparently, LeBlanc encounters plenty of wildlife out on his ranch, some less friendly than others.

One time, as he recalls, LeBlanc was out riding his dirt bike on his property when an angry badger charged at him. Badgers are no joke. If you literally google the word “badger,” one of the top search results that comes up is this wonderful YouTube video titled “BADGER VS. HUMAN (CRAZY).” So, this badger in particular decided that day it would like to have a Matt LeBlanc leg sandwich, but, as he says, it unfortunately missed and hit the back wheel instead. That had to have hurt, but because Matt LeBlanc doesn’t concern himself with the affairs of badgers — its fate went unknown.

He then went on to tell another story about a naked, late-night run-in with a giant raccoon who apparently sized up his little Tribbiani, but, you know what? I’m just going to let him cover that one. I can’t believe Jennifer Aniston didn’t want this guy at her wedding.

(Via Late Night with Conan O’Brien)