Presidential Candidate Pete ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg Penned A Touching Letter To Muslims In His City After The New Zealand Mass Shooting

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Many things are being said in response to the horrific mass shooting that took place earlier this week in Christchurch, New Zealand. Not surprisingly, some of the things being said in response to the incident are kind of vile and hateful and have resulted in eggs being smashed into the backs of people’s heads. Thankfully, some people are saying things that are touching and inspiring and that can maybe help to foster some healing.

Enter Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old openly gay, Afghanistan war veteran mayor of South Bend, Indiana affectionately known to many as, “Mayor Pete.” Coincidentally, he’s a darkhorse candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination (though one that former president Barack Obama has had his eye on as a potential rising star for a while). In response to the mass shooting, Buttigieg released a letter offering comfort and reassurance to the Muslim community in the city he presides over.

“I write to tell you that this City is absolutely committed to your safety and well-being,” Buttigieg wrote. “I want you to know that this entire City has its arms around you, in love and peace, and that we support you as you practice your faith here in this community, our community, this home we share.” He added that “members of the Islamic community have greatly enriched this City, in your worship, in your service, even by the diversity of nationalities among your number. We would be poorer without you.”

You can read the entire letter below.

Mayor Pete has been having something of a moment, of late. Recently profiled by the New Yorker and the Washington Post, he garnered a lot of buzz after he was featured in a CNN town hall event last weekend, so much so that he saw a massive spike in donations and is now eligible to participate in the Democratic debates. He’s apparently also a bit of a savant.

We can’t wait to see what sort of offensive nickname Trump comes up with for Mayor Pete once he recognizes him as a possible threat to his re-election.

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