Meet The Man Who Has Witnessed Every Florida Execution For The Last 25 Years

John Koch, who is apparently some kind of local radio personality in the Live Oak, Florida area, has been witnessing every Florida Death Row execution for the past twenty-five years. Some people like to fish, some people like to scrapbook — this guy just likes to watch people being put to their deaths. What’s wrong with that?

At any rate, Koch began this little hobby after one of Ted Bundy’s victims was found near Suwanee River State Park and he was there to break the story. From the Sun Sentinel:

Bundy was a notorious serial killer that was put to death on Jan. 24, 1989 at Florida State Prison in Bradford County.

Koch has had a front-row seat to executions for the last 25 years through a policy within the Florida Department of Corrections that allows reporters to serve as witnesses. Koch has a plastic container full of hand-written notes, scripts and pieces of audio from the executions. He rarely looks back at them.

NOPE. This is some Rust Cohle sh*t right here, if you ask me. The odds that this guy doesn’t end up becoming a latent suspect in a capital murder case that he witnesses the execution of are about ZERO PERCENT. Oh, and since it’s Florida it’ll also probably involve somebody without pants or a monkey with a funny hat or something.