Meet Porn Star Brett Rossi, Charlie Sheen’s Next Ex-Wife

Charlie Sheen Wants To Have More Kids With His Porn Star Fiancee Brett Rossi
Sheen’s Porn Star Fiance Is Still Married To Someone Else

Anger Management’s Charlie Sheen got down on his knee yesterday morning, like a goddamn gentleman, and proposed to his girlfriend, porn actress Brett Rossi. Rossi, who will make a lovely ex-wife very soon, will become the fourth wife of Charlie Sheen, although he’d be remiss if it weren’t noted that one of his marriages was annulled, thereby making this the “third time is a charm” marriage by technicaility.

Rossi could not be any more excited about the future prospects of a wealthy divorce settlement, as she tells E!

“Yes! We are engaged! He even was a gentleman and got down on one knee,” she tells E!. “I was not expecting it at all. We had a beautiful Valentine’s Day and he proposed to me early this morning after we watched the sun rise.

“The ring is classic and beautiful, but I don’t have any photos to share just yet. This is the happiest moment of both our lives. He’s my best friend and my soulmate.”

Ms. Rossi should not count her chickens just yet. While the break-up is inevitable, she may not make it to the alter, if the past is any indication. Sheen has had a number of engagements that didn’t make it to the big day, including one to Kelly Preston, who called off the wedding after Sheen SHOT HER IN THE ARM.

Bygones, right?

Ross is the star of such classics as, Nice Shoes… Wanna F*ck?, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 22, and Seduced by Mommy 2. From her filmography, it appears that she’s an expert in lesbian porn, with a particular focus on Mommy/Daughter relationships. I bet she has the BEST Linked In account.

Source: E! Online