Meet The Architect Who Remodeled His Basement Around His 250,000-Piece LEGO Collection

Architect Jeffrey Pelletier renovated the basement of his family’s 1902 Seattle home to create a space to house his 250,000-piece LEGO collection that would give most organization junkies an OCD boner. To accomplish this feat, Pelletier created custom shelving that holds 153 IKEA bins with 189 Sterilite drawers. The LEGOs are then sorted by color, piece, size, or sometimes a combination, with even a entire drawer devoted to LEGO men’s hair and hats.

Being an architect, Pelletier creatively uses his LEGO pieces to build his own creations, everything from a model of his own home to libraries and skyscraper concepts. If you weren’t fully convinced already that this guy is living the dream, his LEGO room also converts to a media room and features a full bar.

(Via Devour)