Meet The Drunk Couple Who Got Arrested, Then Had Sex In The Police Car

Good places to have sex: beds, bathrooms, living rooms, hammocks, YOUR MOM. Bad places to have sex: Used Hobo Needles ‘R’ Us and police cars, especially if you were just arrested for drunk driving, which is exactly what happened to Travis Husnik and Heather Basten back in August.

A 33-year-old man and 29-year-old woman had sex in a squad car after being pulled over for drunken driving in Oconto County.

Travis Husnik of Luxemburg and Heather Basten of New Franken were being transported in August to the Oconto County Jail when they started having sex in a squad car. The deputy stopped the car, told Husnik to pull his pants back up, then put Husnik in the front seat. (Via)

“IF YOU KIDS DON’T STOP HAVING SEX BACK THERE, I’M GOING TO TURN THIS CAR AROUND.” County Circuit Court Judge Jay Conley called the conduct “completely disrespectful to the officer,” adding, “The process of being arrested is supposed to be somewhat unpleasant…and you end up having a tryst. Incredible.” Also incredible: there are only two movies with police car sex.

That’s at least five too few.

Via Green Bay Press Gazette

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