Meet The Guy Who Loves Batman So Much That He Built His Own Bat Cave

After a week in which we felt like we could have used an actual super hero, one man was actually pretty close to being the hero that Gotham City deserves. In 2006, Chris Weir searched far and wide for the perfect home for his family, and while most people might have wanted a pool or plenty of toilets, Weir’s demands were pretty simple – a huge basement. But don’t worry, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. You see, the 38-year old husband and father of two just wanted a lot of space so he could build his very own Bat Cave.

Weir has been obsessed with Batman comics and movies since he was a child, so he decided that he wanted his own secret room of solitude to house and protect his massive collection of memorabilia, as well as his 120-inch movie screen and home theater seats. In all, Weir spent about $100,000 on fulfilling his man-nerd dream, which means that he obviously doesn’t have the coolest gadgets like his own Batmobile or an Anne Hathaway/Catwoman sex doll. Wait, no, I meant Batwing.

The only question I have is how Weir and his wife determine which of their sons gets to dress up as Batman and which is Robin. I assume that it’s an age thing, but after a while I imagine that some contempt will grow within the younger sibling, leading him to start dressing like the Riddler or something. I’m not worried about that causing problems at home, as much as the cost of replacing the boy’s underwear on a weekly basis after the waistbands are torn off in nonstop wedgie attacks at school.

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