Meet The Guy Who Takes The Most Awkward Photos With Celebrities Ever

There are a million reasons that I love Reddit, among them the feeling of community, the camaraderie of the Internet’s most creative minds, and the righteous championing of a variety of social and political causes, but today it’s because it introduces us to someone truly remarkable: The presently anonymous gentleman above. You see, this guy has snapped a pic with our favorite redhead and Johnnie Walker spokeswoman, Christina Hendricks. It’s allegedly one of some 800 photos of him with celebrities, and each one is just as awkward as the next.

Some background: Reddit user “gwniii” recently posted 100 photos of what he described as his “friend uncomfortably smiling with celebrities” and the result was more than 3,400 comments of people demanding to know who this guy is and how the hell he has so many pictures with celebrities. I, for one, am impressed. I’ve always assumed that to get a picture with Mila Kunis or Vanessa Hudgens without going to jail I was going to need a bottle of chloroform and a good lawyer. But this guy has them all, and if I find out he has a picture with Kate Upton I might just be willing to bow down to him as my new overlord.

“I should say that this guy has literally no clue that his smile is somewhat awkward, or that I have posted the pics outside of Facebook,” gwniii wrote. “I rarely talk to him, so I have absolutely no idea how or why he gets these pics. He’s an enigma.”

Alas, we are all left with so many questions. For instance, what does Mila’s hair smell like? Also, does he wear Vanderbilt gear because he went to school there or is he just a huge Jay Cutler fan? Thankfully, “gwniii,” who claims to be a first-timer on Reddit who has no clue what he’s doing, says that he will soon post “10 non-boring questions” as answered by this strange new Internet celebrity, as he has refused to do a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). Until then we await and admire just a sampling of this awesome awkwardness. And can we just call him “Todd” for now? He kind of looks like a Todd. Take it away, Todd…

UPDATES: ‘Todd’ The Awkward Celebrity Photo Guy Is Just F-ing With Us Now & Comedian Jim Norton Takes ‘Awkward Photos With Celebrities’ To A New Level Thanks To Captions