Meme Watch: Bad Advice Cat Knows Exactly What You Should Do

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I usually leave the animal macros to RoboPanda, but I came across Bad Advice Cat this morning, in particular the one on the next slide — and maybe it’s a result of my brain function on a foggy Friday morning — but I giggled for an inappropriate amount of time. They’re funny because it’s an adorable and enthusiastic kitten telling you the exact opposite of what you should do!
Going forward I’d like to think your parents on one shoulder and Bad Advice Cat on the other as the 21st century answer to the angel/devil 80’s sitcom gimmick. The super random and highly offbeat variations are my favorites, as well as the ones that offer advice on relationships and general life skills. So I pretty much love all of them, but most especially the advice that would lead to jail time.
Via Know Your Meme and Quickmeme

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