Meme Watch: Bad Luck Brian Destroyed All Known Copies Of This Photo

Yesterday my goal was to help everyone get to the proverbial weekend by introducing the internet to its new hero, a home-brewing Canadian karaoke singer. Today my goal is to help everyone get to the actual weekend by sharing laughs at the expense of the poor son of a b*tch who happened to take this unfortunate yearbook photo. Way to not miss that top button, bro.
Bad Luck Brian was first introduced to the web all the way back in January, but didn’t really gain steam until this past week, right in time for spring break. Just Brian’s luck. The meme itself is obviously self-explanatory. I mean, just look at the poor guy. Nothing will ever go right for him. EVER. I usually make a point to not pull too much comedy from low hanging fruit but for some reason that is exactly what I’ve been doing all week. My apologies to all the highly make-funnables out there. Next week I promise to get back to self-deprecation and pointing out the flaws in attractive people.
Sources: Quickmeme and Buzzfeed