The New Men In Black 3 Trailer Needs More Bill Hader

“This is how they got Will Smith to do another MIB right?” [via]

Barry Sonnenfeld’s third Men In Black film is coming out May 25th in the twelfth year of our second Willenium. Columbia Pictures just released a new trailer (previous trailer here), featuring more cheesy jokes and Josh Brolin doing a crazy good Tommy Lee Jones impression. Bonus: Bill Hader’s in it.

This newest sequel is said to be set mostly in the year 1969 and involves Agent J (Will Smith) time-traveling back to that year, where he meets up with a young Agent K (Josh Brolin) for some plot involving, most likely, our landing on the Moon. The cast also includes Emma Thompson as Agent Oh, Alice Eve as a young Oh, Bill Hader, Jemaine Clement, Rip Torn and Michael Stuhlbarg. [FirstShowing]

There’s also an alien invasion of some sort. Rather than screencap that part of the trailer, I believe this relevant .gif will suffice:

Yep. That’s how it goes down. Deal with it.

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