The First Trailer For Men In Black 3 Is… Uh…

I will never not use this photo.

The first trailer for Men in Black 3 just dropped (video below), and, um, yep. That’s a Men in Black movie all right. It took ten years since the last movie to get this one made, with the film being greenlit before the script was finished, the budget rising above $200 million due to delays, and Alec Baldwin dropping out due to scheduling conflicts. But they brought in Josh Brolin to play the younger version of Tommy Lee Jones (good casting there), and now the third film is really happening.

Something about Barry Sonnenfeld’s directing choices seems a little fisheyed and wonky here, but that could just be because it’s filmed for 3D. Check out the trailer below for Josh Brolin’s creepily good Tommy Lee Jones impression and to watch Will Smith jump off the Chrysler Building, the conceit being that the jump will help him travel 40 years into the past and solve the mystery of Tommy Lee Jones’ disappearance. Oh, the old “time jump” trick, eh? You don’t fall for that more than once.

Notably, it’s been four years since a new Will Smith movie has been in theaters, and believe you me that sad fact was killing this blogger. I tried to commiserate with my parents about the absence, but they just don’t understand.

If the YouTube one gets pulled, here’s an alternate embed:

Opens May 25th, 2012.

[Hat tip and a fancy cat collar to CBM and ThePlaylist]