This Woman’s Meth-Fueled Joyride Through Walmart Turned Into A Wine-Soaked Buffet

People do some strange things involving methamphetamines and Walmart (including actually cooking meth inside a Walmart). One Florida woman took her high to an extreme last week. Josseleen Elida Lopez entered her neighborhood superstore while tweaking and hopped into a motorized cart, which took her free-wheeling through the store for a superbuffet.

The incident took place in Lecanto, where witnesses told WFLA how Lopez acted “suspiciously” as she indulged in a culinary tour. She nabbed a rotisserie chicken and a bottle of wine, and these two staples accompanied her for the duration of her wild ride. She only grabbed one piece of sushi (and returned the rest of the box to a shelf) because Walmart sushi must be pretty awful. Or perhaps her sweet tooth ruled the day, for Lopez swiped a host of sweets including cinnamon rolls and muffins.

All tasty things must come to an end. Police arrested Lopez for allegedly shoplifting $32.36 in food and drink, which is a hell of a deal considering how much grub was involved. Lopez admitted knowing her actions were illegal, but she didn’t want to outright steal the food by removing it from the premises. A couple of meth syringes in Lopez’s purse indicate a driving force, and let’s hope she sees this incident as a turning point. Meth only leads one toward bad wine and dried-up chicken.

(Via WFLA and Fox Insider)