Mickey Rourke Almost Makes You Feel Sorry For Donald Trump With This Vicious Rant

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At this point in the presidential race, primary fatigue is settling in. Donald Trump’s shock factor has carved itself a steady routine, and it almost feels normal to hear his ranting voice on tv. He’s background noise now, folks are getting used to him, and there’s a real “pick your poison” conflict among Republicans who find Trump’s viewpoints to be abhorrent but can’t stomach the thought of Ted Cruz either. So, you get senators who admit Cruz is the lesser evil, and when asked if that’s an endorsement, all they can say is “I guess.” Then there’s Rudy Giuliani, who won’t endorse Trump but still figures he might vote for the guy. Apathy is one hell of a drug.

Meanwhile, there’s the occasional spitfire who still loathes Trump as much as he did last year. That would be Mickey Rourke, who previously admitted to wanting some time alone in a room with the real estate mogul. That little rant went down last fall when Rourke found comfort in supporting “the black dude.” Well, now that Ben Carson is officially endorsing Trump, Rourke is even angrier and got rowdy with the paparazzi, but not in a Sean Penn sort of way. There was no kicking and gouging and spitting, no sir. Instead, Rourke was very friendly with some TMZ cameramen as he further detailed his epic distaste for the frontrunner.

Warning: There is profanity ahead, and you may feel sorry for Donald Trump.

“Before I throw out this first pitch, I just wanna say that the biggest scumbag on the Earth is that maggot with an f in front of it, Donald Trump. F*ck him and f*ck the horse he rode in on. I think his wife is one of the biggest gold diggers around – I know, I used to go out with a gold digger. How could you sleep next to that flabby, fat piece of sh*t?”

Well, no one can take this kind of unbridled rant seriously, but most people say the same about Trump. There’s also plenty of discomfort with seeing Melania dragged into this mess, and did Rourke really body shame a presidential candidate? Yes, he did. Here’s a video clip of Rourke tossing a baseball while he rants, and most of the profanity is bleeped, which makes the speech seem even filthier. Sadly, Rourke’s display fits right in with the general tone of this election.

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