Mike Huckabee’s Cinco De Mayo Tweet About Speedy Gonzales And ‘Drinking Salsa’ Did Not Go Over Great

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Mike Huckabee is a joking machine and he’s not going to let anything stop him. The former Arkansas Governor has acknowledged in the past that his tweets don’t go over well with the “haters, trolls, and humorless people,” but you will take that smartphone out of his cold, dead hands. If even Patton Oswalt butchering his material on national television doesn’t dissuade him, clearly nothing will.

As such, Huckabee’s latest joke wasn’t exactly received like the piece of comedy brilliance he probably intended. At 4:52 a.m. this morning (which is puzzling enough as it is), on Cinco de Mayo, the Huckster tweeted the following:

Where do we even start here? First of all, what the hell brand of salsa does Mike Huckabee buy that he can drink it? Does he just dip his chips in V8 mixed with a little bit of taco seasoning? WHO TOLD HUCKABEE THAT WAS SALSA. Also, what is Huckabee’s obsession with Looney Tunes cartoons anyway? What else is this man hiding?

At any rate, the tweet was such a bad tweet that by Friday afternoon, “Mike Huckabee” was actually trending on Twitter. Let’s see what the people have to say, shall we?

You know, this might actually be the worst Cinco de Mayo tweet of all t-

Never mind.