Patton Oswalt Brings Mike Huckabee’s Horrid Twitter Jokes To The Stand-Up Stage On ‘Kimmel’

When he’s not playing bass with his good pal Ted Nugent or blocking people keep making jokes about his “large adult sons,” Mike Huckabee is a cut up on Twitter. The former Arkansas governor makes jokes your Trump loving uncle would love and many have taken notice over the past year

That’s why Jimmy Kimmel had to take it to the next level and rip the jokes off Twitter to put them on the stand-up stage. To make it work, he invited one of the best stand-ups around, Patton Oswalt, to handle it and see if the jokes translate to comedy when they hit the stage. It does not go well, but Oswalt certainly tries his best. It’s hard to truly sell a joke about sex slavery and “Poop Dogg.”

Oswalt even brings in a bit of the visual humor on the stage, showing Huckabee’s mastery of puns and topical humor about Hillary Clinton. It’s a sort of meta comedy moment because it’s funny that Patton Oswalt is telling these jokes on stage, but they’re not funny jokes — at least not to me. Some folks might find them hilarious and that’s somewhat fine. People like to listen to Yanni too apparently, even if you’ve never met them in person. Also a Yanni joke is likely the kind of stuff you’d see on Mike Huckabee’s Twitter.

One thing is for sure here: Patton Oswalt has got the Huckabee look down pat. Give him a bass and some processed meats because he’s ready.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)