Mike Lindell’s Plot To Sabotage ‘The Daily Show’ And Jordan Klepper Only Resulted In Him Looking Even More Batsh*t Than Usual

Mike Lindell hosted yet another poorly-attended rally this weekend, this one with Donald Trump in virtual attendance. The former-president wasn’t the headliner, however: Lindell spoke after him, by which point “the crowd, which had begun to filter out after Trump’s speech ended, had already significantly dissipated,” according to the Daily Beast.

Lucky for the sunburned walk-outs, they didn’t miss Lindell ranting about Fox News (“Shame on you, Fox… This is disgusting what they’ve done to our country”), Newsmax (“Look at Newsmax, the cowards there”), and The Daily Show earlier in the afternoon.

What did The Daily Show with Trevor Noah do to Lindell, outside of frequently debunk his wild lies and call him the “alt-right Mario”? Well, the MyPillow founder was interviewed by Jordan Klepper earlier that day and he was unhappy with how it went. To get back at Klepper, Lindell leaked the interview before it could air on Comedy Central.

On Wednesday, Lindell told “Real America’s Voice” host Steve Bannon that Daily Show producers had insisted on conducting his interview in front of portable toilets. Bannon then aired about six minutes of cell phone video showing Daily Show personality Jordan Klepper interviewing Lindell… Lindell appears to be livid.

That’s put it mildly: Lindell is raving through most of the footage he provided, including a heated exchange where he calls Klepper a “jokester, you’re being real funny. Shame on you for what you’ve done to our country when you’re saying stuff like that. This has nothing to do with the pillow!” (I need to start using “this has nothing to do with the pillow” in casual conversation.) Later, Klepper says that instead of watching Lindell’s “cyber evidence,” he’d rather binge Mare of Easttown. After initially being confused, Lindell replies, “I don’t watch trash. I spend my time trying to evangelize. We’re in the greatest revival in history. Our country wants to get back to one nation under God.”

Lindell was trying to pull one over on The Daily Show and Klepper (I guess???), but it did not work. He ended up making himself look more nutty than usual.

(Via Raw Story)