People Are Livid That Mike Pence Scored A Deal To Write Not One But Two Books

On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported that a number of former Trump administration staffers — including Elaine Chao, former Secretary of Transportation and also wife to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell — are having trouble getting new jobs. The stink from the former president, made all the more rancid from the events of Jan. 6, is so pungent that the public sector wants nothing to do with them. But the same doesn’t apply to Trump’s number two. On the very same day as the Post‘s report, Mike Pence signed a seven-figure deal for not one but two books.

The first, scheduled to hit shelves in 2023, is, of course, a memoir. What will he leave in? What will leave out? What could he say about his former partner-in-crime, who three months ago left him at the mercy of his violent supporters, some of who wished to lynch him? Whatever he dishes, he’s receiving somewhere between $3 million and $4 million for the efforts.

It’s all but inevitable that everyone involved with the previous administration — not the least being Trump himself — will eventually sign some lucrative book deal. But seeing as the dust has still not settled from the chaotic final months of the last presidency, many on social media felt it was, for one thing, too soon.

Some wondered if Pence will deal with his many failures as a public servant, both as veep and as governor of Indiana.

Others wondered who, exactly, a book by Mike Pence — hated by Trump loyalists, loathed by Trump critics — is for.

Some suggested he do something more productive, like testify against the man who almost got him killed.

But others speculated it’s just a cynical cash grab.

And some had savage jokes for a man who did nothing, even after his life nearly ended.

(Via CNN)

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