Mindy Kaling And B.J. Novak Confirmed Their Printed Lovefest At BookCon

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Earlier in May, unconfirmed reports suggested that Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak were negotiating a multi-million dollar deal with publishers to co-author a book about their not-so-normal relationship. After all, the two former writers for and actors on The Office are accomplished writers — Novak even wrote a successful children’s book. So of course they’d write a book together, right?

Right! As the Associated Press reports, Kaling announced the project during her panel with Novak at BookCon on Saturday. They broached the subject while Novak was interviewing Kaling about her new collection of essays, Why Not Me?

“It’s very early in the creative process,” Novak said.

Kaling was more enthusiastic.

“It’s going to be awesome,” she said. “We just started working on it. I love working with him … and the ideas that we’ve had so far have been super exciting.”

Let’s rewind a bit and focus on something very important here. That Kaling “was more enthusiastic” suggests Novak’s delivery didn’t seem all that excited. Then again, Novak isn’t the most excitable performer out there. (See pretty much every scene he’s in in Inglorious Basterds.)

He should at least act excited about earning around $7 million big ones with Kaling for the book, if earlier reports are to be believed.

(Via Associated Press)