Moar Kramer Vs. Skrillex Videos Plz

Electronic music isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse, so the only thing I knew about Skrillex prior to these mashups is that he bares a striking resemblance to DJ from Roseanne. Then I clicked play on YouTube and now I know Skrillex as some sort of unbearable music that is made hilarious when synched up with clips of Cosmo Kramer spazzing out. The first one of Kramer behind the wheel has been on the web since October, but just started gaining virality over the last month. Then over this past weekend the Kramer-Mary Hart clip got the inevitable Skrillex treatment.

And even though they’re both essentially the same thing, I want to see more of these. Like, yesterday. They’re thirty seconds of awesomeness and 90’s comedy nostalgia and there can’t be enough of them. Both clips after the jump. You may want to keep the volume slightly lower than normal as I can only assume this audio’s sole purpose is psychological warfare.