This Mom Had The Strangest Response When Her Car Insurance Asked For Pics Of Her Sides And Rear

mom in car

Well, it’s safe to say this is probably a first. A teenage daughter on Twitter posted a few photos of her mom’s truly weird response to a request from the car insurance company. When asked for “side and rear photos” the woman apparently misunderstood the request and texted back pictures of herself – the back of her head, her face, and a profile picture that would serve as a great mugshot if she was ever in a car accident that required police attention.

The tweet currently has nearly 13,000 likes and more than 18,000 retweets, so even if the texts accomplished nothing else (and the chance is high that this is the case) it probably served as a great popularity boost for this high school aged girl. Moms should know by now that they shouldn’t share embarrassing stuff with their kids lest it become an internet meme shared ’round the world.

The real question though, is how this mom could have possibly not known what the insurance rep’ meant when she asked for pictures for to process a claim. Either this insurance company (which apparently accepts claim evidence via text) sent the message in a very strange way or the mom shouldn’t be driving at all due to an inability to follow simple requests. How does she react to stop signs? Yields? Those really tricky intersections with no signage but the expectation that everyone has to do what amounts to full choreography to figure out who goes next?

It obviously could have been an even weirder situation, but there are so many questions left unanswered that we need a follow up check-in with this mom to see how this came about.

(Via Daily Mail)