This Broom-Wielding Guy Will Teach You To Never Mess With A Momma Raccoon Protecting Her Babies

Warning: Language NSFW

If there’s one thing we can learn from many of Earth’s creatures is that you do not come between a mother and her babies, whether those creatures are bears or possums or even ordinary house cats. The guy in this video learns this lesson the hard way trying to extract a raccoon from an outdoor storage bin with a broom, when — unbeknownst to him — that was a momma raccoon with what is probably a whole mess of babies in there with her.

After his first attempt to extract her from the bin goes awry and she lunges at him, you still kind of feel bad for the momma raccoon as he violently tries to hit her with the broom, swearing for her to get the [expletive] out of here.” Trash pandas are people too!

The dude soon gets his karmic justice, however, as momma raccoon returns for round two and she is ready to throw down like Holly Holm against Ronda Rousey. We don’t know exactly what happens next because the camera gets kicked over in the ensuing scuffle and goes blank, Blair Witch style, but just before it cuts off you can hear him ask, “Is this babies in there? [sic]”

Yes, it would appear as though there is babies in there. And if he’s smart, let’s hope he left them alone after that.