Please Watch This Video Of A Russian Monkey In A Domo Costume Visiting His Goat And Chickens

Like a beautiful sunset or your first kiss, there’s literally no way to describe this video unless you’re actually experiencing it. Because while animal videos litter the internet in a way that’s almost embarrassing (at least if you watch more than ten a day like some of us) (no judgment) this one is special. As Stefon would say, it’s got everything: a monkey named Fyodor (possibly after Dostoevsky) wearing a Domo costume. A wintery walk. A shed full of chickens. A solitary and very unhappy goat. And a space heater (which the monkey’s really excited about).

Honestly, this is what the internet was created for, and it’s nice (on a Tuesday night) to be able to come home after work, take off your shoes, pour yourself a drink, and watch an animal completely out of his element (literally) chill with his friends. Really makes all your troubles melt away.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand Russian, because it won’t hamper your enjoyment of this video. Literally nothing could. (Cue comments.)