‘Monopoly’ Will No Longer Take A Chance On One Of Their Oldest Game Pieces


A while ago, news broke that Monopoly would be replacing one of its long time game pieces with a new, shinier, and presumably more modern piece for families to fight over for the next few decades. Or more than one game piece, seeing as the car is probably just as out of date as things like the symbol or the iron. Now, we know for sure which piece is getting the boot (the boot piece has, incidentally, already been discontinued) to make way for something more contemporary like a jet or a T-Rex.

The unfortunate victim of internet voters’ wrath and just plain being an old, barely used thing in the real world is the thimble. Who will stand up and defend the thimble’s right to stay, you asked? Nobody, seems to be the answer. To be fair, if one piece was going to get the hatchet it was always the thimble who would receive the least support. It’s an out of date trinket that even people who regularly sew don’t use nearly as much, children probably looked at it and thought it was an upside down waste basket or something.

Poor little thimble had been included in the endless, family feud-inducing game since 1935 but as of this summer it will be no more. Stock up on souvenir thimble pieces now, maybe somebody they’ll be worth as much as all of those Beanie Babies and Furbys everyone saved in the 90’s. The new pieces will be revealed on March 19th and will be included in games starting some point in August 2017.

(via CBC)