‘Monsters, Inc.’ Fans Are Freaking Out Over Today’s Date, February 3, 2019

Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios

Monsters Inc., the Disney Pixar computer animated film about monsters that work in a factory to harvest the screams of children to power the fictional city of Monstropolis, came out 18 years ago but is apparently still as beloved and popular as ever. Case in point, today’s date is resonating with die-hard fans over one scene in particular.

In the movie, human children are believed to be toxic (a theory eventually debunked), and as such any human artifacts brought back into Monstropolis require immediate sterilization on the monster’s part. A running joke throughout the movie is that the chubby, orange monster named George Sanderson keeps getting things stuck to his fur due to static electricity, so when he comes back from the human world with a child’s white sock on his back, the emergency code called out is 23-19 — or, February 3, 2019.

Poor George is then swarmed by HAZMAT-uniformed monsters, who — after neutralizing the threat of the sock — shave him bald, and shower him, as you can see in the below clip, if your memory needs refreshing.

People have been waiting nearly two decades for this! And as such, fans swarmed to Twitter to celebrate Monster’s Inc. George Sanderson Gets Sterilized Day (working title).

And naturally, fans at Disney are celebrating the date in real life:

May we all be so lucky to find the happiness that Disney fans experience over a date and a sock.

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