You Won’t Complain About Traffic Again After Seeing What Happens At This Snowy Intersection

It’s freezing and snowing in Montreal today, which is to say, it’s December in Montreal. Our French-Canadian friends should be used to this kind of weather — they’re as accustomed to wearing mittens as Floridians are to rocking Jimmy Buffet cargo shorts — but a light dusting of morning snow turned a busy intersection into something out of a Blues Brothers movie.

“Crazy morning outside the office,” Willem Shepherd wrote on Facebook earlier today. That’s an understatement. Car after car, bus after bus try to slowly glide down a steep, snow-covered hill — it does not end well for any of the drivers, especially the police officer who goes backwards into a bus, and then has his ride wrecked by a snowplow. It’s impossible to look away.

(Thankfully, it seems like no one got hurt.)

When one Redditor asked about snow tires, another responded, “I’d say most have them on already, but by law we’re only required to have them on our cars by December 15th.” The more likely scenario? Ice. This is an important message to all Montrealers and anyone who has to drive in poor conditions: there’s always another Tim Hortons. You don’t have to take that hill.

(Via Facebook and Reddit)