Allow This Morning Show Host To Demonstrate The Dangers Of Playing With Sand On Live TV

Just a couple of grown adults playing in some sand, nothing can go wrong here, right? That was the story on Omaha’s Morning Blend Thursday morning, which was previewing Nebraska Children Home Society’s “Sand in the City!” sculpting event this weekend by dumping a bunch in the KMTV studio and letting the hosts have at it.

But as we see, an accidental penis can strike at any time, and no better time for it than live television, as is hilariously often the case. As if it’s not bad enough that a sand castle tower tends to look somewhat phallic to begin with, the off-camera host certainly did not help the situation by adding modifications with a sand carving tool known as the — and I am not making this up — “willysphere.”

Willyspheres! More like, uh, nuttypheres, am I right, guys? I’m not an Omaha local, but I certainly look forward to KMTV Morning Blend‘s contribution to the sand sculpting competition this weekend.

(via KMTV3)