This Crazy Motorcycle Jumping A Speeding Plane Stunt Is Made Crazier With A Tight Rope Walker

Humans are weird. When all possible athletic endeavors have been accomplished, we fight and grind to break the record, or just invent a whole new feat of strength to conquer. It’s like a reverse Matryoshka Nesting Doll except instead of little doll shells we add death-defying stunts to already death-defying stunts. Maybe it’s not like a Matryoshka Nesting Doll. Maybe it’s more like a Death Pizza. Once you defy the Death Pizza, you need to add more toppings to said Death Pizza until you have a Death Pizza Supreme (minus black olives because those are gross).

Pilot Melissa Andrzejewski, tightrope madman Andy Lewis, and motocross legend Jimmy Fitzpatrick created this Death Pizza with all the toppings they could possibly muster. To them, flipping a motorbike over a low-flying plane, its propeller dangerously close into turning Fitzpatrick into pepperoni (the pizza analogies won’t stop/can’t stop) wasn’t enough. They needed an extra ingredient, and that was having Andy Lewis walking over a high wire above unforgiving pavement as all of the madness went on below and above him.

It’s impressive, but the laws of Death Pizza tell us that there will be something even crazier than this coming sometime soon. I vote for fire breathers and a stand-up comedian telling incendiary jokes while it all goes down. Hit the viewers on all levels.

(via Sploid)