This Insane Multi-Car Pileup Serves As A Cautionary Tale During Winter Storm Jonas

This video of a multi-car pileup on an unnamed city hill has been circulating in the wake of Winter Storm Jonas, which has seen disasters aplenty. The storm delivered a few perverted storm forecasts as chaos approached. Soon, the world saw the east coast thrown into madness with a shoveling dinosaur, some shirtless dude in Nashville, plenty of snowballs being lobbed at Philly reporters, and a sage Steven Tyler offering up unsolicited advice.

A few shining beacons of happiness — Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (with his workout jam) and Tian Tian the panda bear — enjoyed the powdery surplus. Yet one must not forget to heed the warnings of blizzards past. This video of mysterious origins likely wasn’t recorded in the midst of Winter Storm Jonas. In fact, some Facebook commenters claim it was conjured up a few years ago in Colorado Springs. Many would expect Colorado residents to be better equipped for snowy disaster, but no, a steep hill coupled with panic and locked brakes can doom us all.

This terrifying scene is a familiar one this weekend. Stay inside, folks.