Naughty Dog Unveils ‘The Last Of Us’ Prequel DLC And Teases A New ‘Uncharted’

The Playstation 4 launches today so Sony threw a big press-conference party last night, and Naughty Dog pretty much stole the show. First by officially unveiling the first major chunk of The Last of Us story DLC and then by teasing a new next-gen Uncharted.

The Last of Us DLC is entitled Left Behind, stars Ellie and new friend Riley and takes place before the events of The Last of Us. Not much is known about the new Uncharted, but the teaser does show a map of Madagascar, so it’s possible Nathan Drake will be betrayed by a zebra voiced by Chris Rock this time around.

Check out a trailer for The Last of Us: Left Behind and a teaser for Uncharted below…

How long before Sony drops the “Playstation” brand altogether and just starts calling its consoles “Naughty Dog boxes”?

via Kotaku here & here