Twitter Users Accuse NBC Of Racism After It Airs A Promo Showing A Monkey Doing Gymnastics

Despite the fact that promos for NBC’s upcoming sitcom Animal Practice have been airing every three seconds throughout the Olympics, especially the one with the show’s non-Justin Kirk star, Crystal the Monkey, doing gymnastics, denizens of the Internet are very mad at NBC this morning. Why? Because that commercial aired right after Bob Costas did his Bob Costas thing, saluting gymnast Gabby Douglas for winning a gold medal in women’s all-around, the first African-American to do so, and breaking down racial barriers.

This has not been a good Olympics for NBC, at least PR-wise (ratings have been unexpectedly strong), but unlike the ongoing tape delay controversy, it’s hard to find fault with the Peacock here. It’s simply a case of poor timing and seeing racism where no racism was intended. But I’m evidently in the minority for thinking so, as judged by these “HOW DARE YOU” tweets sent to @NBC and @NBCSports.