NBC To Put More 'Parks And Recreation' Online


Don’t you wish there was more Parks and Recreation for us to consume. 22 minutes of Pawnee goodness 23 times a year just isn’t enough. Thankfully, someone at NBC feels our pain.

Reports the Hollywood Reporter:

Following an extended cut offered exclusively online for last Thursday’s effort, “The Debate,” NBC is doing the same for the two remaining episodes of the comedy’s fourth season as “Knope 2012” kicks into high gear. (Five additional minutes were shown of “The Debate.”)

In episode 21, “Bus Tour,” the episode finds Leslie (Amy Poehler) going on a bus tour for the final day of her campaign and is caught off guard when a significant Pawnee personality dies.

In the May 10 season finale, “Win, Lose or Draw,” Election Night in Pawnee is in full swing. Leslie and opposing candidate Bobby Newport (Paul Rudd) find themselves separated by a small margin.

Holy crap do I love this. This is like ordering a plate of bacon and being served an extra side of bacon with it. Yes please!

(HT: Splitsider. Pic via NBC)

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