Necessary Tumblr Tracks The Kind Of People Who Say ‘Make Me A Sandwich, Bitch’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
06.07.13 18 Comments

“Bitch make me a bologna sandwich.” What else do you think the guy who wrote that, Don$avage, tweets about? The conflict in the Middle East, perhaps, or maybe how he’s doing at Harvard? Could the hashtag “#valedictorian” be in his future? Here’s a typical non-sandwich related Don$avage tweet: “hahaa i member i used to try to make crack rock wit jus bakin soda bahaa.” Oh, so he’s a University of Arizona man.

The mission of the new Tumblr Make Me a Sandwich Bitch, via BuzzFeed, is to track the kind of people who want their women to make them a BLT. Perhaps ironically, though not surprisingly, most of them don’t have a woman.


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