Neil DeGrasse Tyson And His Doggy Buddy Explain The Difference Between Weather And Climate Change

“If global warming is real, then why did we just suffer through the coldest winter since nineteen-dickety-two?”

We’ve all heard these criticisms of climate change — we may have secretly thought them ourselves from time to time while chipping ice off our sidewalks. When we’re thinking rationally, most people know day-to-day weather and climate change are two different beasts, but it can be hard to put that difference into words. Well, on a recent episode of Cosmos ol’ Neil DeGrasse Tyson explained it clearly and succinctly with the help of an adorable doggy

Sooo, Neil DeGrasse Tyson is climate change? Dammit, suddenly I find climate change informative and charming.

Via Boing Boing