Neil Patrick Harris Is Officially Off The Market, Everybody (UPDATE)

You thought Angelina and Brad were celebrity wedding ninjas? Well, Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime fiance David Burtka got secretly married in Italy this weekend, which he announced on Twitter this morning. Harris and Burtka have been together for 10 years now and are the fathers of 4-year-old twins — repeatedly showing us time and time again that they are the cutest family ever. This is awesomely happy news, Mazel tov to the newlyweds!

UPDATE: From Kelly Ripa via E! News:

With Harris’ permission, Ripa revealed that “it was a beautiful, beautiful family affair in Perugia, Italy.” The bubbly blond said, “They rented a castle—or, I think they rented it! I hope we didn’t break into a castle. It was a really beautiful. Sir Elton John performed. There were fireworks. The food was amazing.”

“There were magic tricks, because you know, Neil is way into magic,” Ripa added.

The couple’s close friend Pam Fryman, who served as a director and producer on How I Met Your Mother, officiated the wedding ceremony.