New ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Video Proves Rockstar North Thought Of Everything

Grand Theft Auto V, like all the Grand Theft Autos before it, is subject to its share of seemingly ridiculous rumors. But, unlike ghost cars or finding Bigfoot, this video is actually a demonstration that Rockstar thought of everything when developing this game. And we mean everything.

The video is a pretty simple format: It cites a commonly held “myth” mentioned on the forums, and then tries them out in-game. To often hilarious results, although one trick here is incredibly useful. And before you ask, yes, that’s Trevor surviving free-fall by going into rage mode to open the video.

Probably the most useful trick on this one is the fact that you can actually hide from cops in the bushes, and you will be out of their line of sight. Considering how persistent the LSPD can actually be, and considering what a hair-trigger temper those guys have, that’s actually going to be pretty useful.

Generally though, it mostly demonstrates Rockstar knows their audience just a little too well. While the wind farm trick is probably just a hilarious quirk of the physics engine, or a justification for putting a wind farm in the game in the first place, there’s no way being able to knife fight with sharks and being able to tow police cars was anything other than intentional, even if it was only to amuse us with yet more ways to break the world they’ve spent years and millions carefully, precisely building.

And apparently a second episode is already in the works. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some bushes to hide in.